Tuesday, July 30, 2013

What is so rare....

As the saying goes, "What is so rare as a day in June."  Well, I'll tell you - not just one, but TWO days in July with low humidity and ideal temperatures, that's what!

We have had extreme temperatures and high humidity for the majority of our summer, interspersed with lots of rain.  My husband has been going out in the mornings, very early to try to keep the Christmas tree farm in some sort of order, but I have been doing my very best to stay inside, concentrating on the soap business and ignoring my poor plants and flowers!

As it turns out - they are all very forgiving and last evening, between the two of us, we finally cleared out the, oh-so-healthy, weeds!

Walking out to the shop this morning and seeing the riotous flowers with butterflies fluttering here and there was a joy - the kind of day when you just want to throw your arms up in the air and let out a whoop just for the joy of living!

Our tomato fences are full - need to be tied up one more time, I think.  The marigolds I planted in front of them have reached a mature size and filled in.  There is a sunflower at the end of each fence section and the grape arbor behind it all is lush and lovely.

I know this has nothing to do with soap, but I just wanted to share this delicious day with you all!

It is truly rarer than a day in June!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Philadelphia Gift Show! Come see us.

We will be, for the first time, be vending at the Philadelphia Gift Show at the Greater Philadelphia Convention Center,  Oaks, Pa.  The wholesale show runs from July 21 through the 24th. 

If you are coming, be sure to stop by our booth #1724 in the Handmade in the USA section, we'll be happy to see you and if you mention this blog post, we'll give you a small gift!

This it the show where shops and other retail businesses come from Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey (and probably other states) to discover and order merchandise.  Many are coming to stock their businesses for Christmas.  We will be showing our special holiday packaging.

For the holidays, we repackage 4 of our soaps, spritzes and lotions specifically for the season.  We offer Bayberry, Citrus Spruce, Double Mint and Holiday Wine (Merlot.)

Although we are pretty well immersed in preparing for the show, we are also stocking like crazy so we will be able to fill all the orders we hope to bring home with us!

On Monday, we were making a number of soaps and my niece, Molly, was observing.  She was taken by the way we make our marbled soaps and took a picture as I poured a batch of Rosemary soap into the mold.  Our rosemary soap is scented with pure rosemary essential oil and the swirl itself is a lovely golden color which comes from powdered rosemary herb that we add to a part of the batch.