Sunday, September 29, 2013

Pumpkin Souffle - Soap!

I had to come out to the shop early this morning to check on an experimental soap we made last night.

We had already planned to call it "Pumpkin Souffle," but didn't realize how accurate the name would prove to be!

Because of the addition of actual pumpkin and a number of spicy oils, the soap started to overheat and puff up out of the mold (which it already filled to the very rim.)

We saw what was happening and popped it into the freezer, which stopped the puffing.  As it cooled, the soap fell somewhat in the center, but since it will fit our cutter perfectly, all the crazy popping and dipping on the top will be trimmed off.

We love to try new things to see what happens and sometimes the result is something we feel the need to add to our regular line.  I very much doubt this will be a permanent addition, but if it were to be, there would be some changes made to the recipe - like the amount of pumpkin would probably be smaller.

I'll try to remember to update this post with a picture of the finished, cut soap...  Can't wait to try it and see what kind of properties the addition of pumpkin produces!