Friday, August 26, 2016

New Soap Labels

We were working on new labeling since the end of last year when we found that we could no longer purchase the paper we always used for the "cigar band" labels for our soap.  We have always liked the idea of a stick on label that would allow buyers to actually see the soap because while all of our soaps are beautiful, some seem to almost be miniature works of art. This gave us the opportunity to make some changes.

We tried a couple of things, but finally found a size and color that worked for us - the result looks very similar to our old labels:

Until you realize there is no label on the back or one of the sides:

All the pertinent - and required information is still readily available on one side, but the colors and designs of the soap are fully visible, and as always, it is easy to smell the scent of the soap through the stretch wrap.

We are pretty happy with this new label.

We hope you will like it too.