Thursday, January 12, 2012

And we begin again!

Each year, after the holiday rush, I somehow manage to convince myself that we won't have any business for a couple of months! Well, back in the very early days, it was like that since at the time most of our customers were tourist related businesses. But, not any more.

We were well stocked before the holidays and between the shop and late orders coming in in December and early January ...

The shelves are bare!

Luckily, it doesn't take us long to get things looking healthy again around here.

Yesterday, we melted and weighed fats for 16 batches and this morning, I prepared the lye and additives for 8 batches of soap... The lye must cool before we are ready to make the soap.

We'll be making 2 batches of Patchouli, 2 of Lavender, 1 Wise Woman, 1 Double mint, 1 Goats milk and 1 Lilac.

I think some shops are already starting to think ahead to spring because Lilac is one of the spring scents and although it sells all year around, it is starting to pick up for spring already.

While I was at it, I lined the molds - and we are ready to go.

We have some soap to wrap, so we probably won't be making soap until late this afternoon, but it's really nice to have everything ready to go instead of putting in a full day first and then having to get everything ready to make the soap.

Sometimes it seems to be a never-ending job keeping the soap shelves stocked, but luckily they sell out fast and we are kept busy. It just never seems that we reach the end, just always new beginnings!

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  1. Hi Tina ..Hi happy to see your shop is getting busy. I need to do the same but wish I had someone to work along with too it makes the time go by faster. Love the pictures!