Thursday, August 25, 2011

Life is just a bowl of ...


Yesterday, we decided it was time to brave the copious thorns of the rose rugosa and gather the abundant rosehips that glow like rubies in the lush greenery of the plant.
We started out with about twice this many hips, since we decided to take pictures halfway through!
We basically peeled the hips to get all the juicy outside while avoiding the seeds and tiny hairs inside.
Finally, we laid the juicy skins on a window screen to let them dry. They may eventually wind up in the dehydrator if they don't dry quickly enough.
I can't wait to see how they dry. I suspect they will be much more vibrant than the rosehips we purchase already dried. That seems to be true of so many herbs.

Along with other wonderful, natural ingredients such as rose water, biodynamic cream, real essential oils and rose clay, we use rosehips in our new Rose Milk soap .

Whenever we can, we like to use herbs that we grow right here on the farm.

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