Saturday, September 3, 2011

Making my own Custom Soap Stamp

This morning, I decided to carry through on something I wanted to do for some time. We make a very simple lard and lye soap for some of the historic places that like to carry it. We call it "Granny's Lye Soap."It is wrapped in a cellophane bag with a sticker label and the bag is tied with a piece of twine. I decided it would be nice to put a stamp onto the bar. I had a stamp made years ago of our quilt patch logo and it was working beautifully as you can see above. Then the handle broke off....
Okay, I can still hammer the stamp itself into the soap. Then the stamp broke apart!

I decided it was time to bite the bullet and get a new, real soap stamp. I googled "custom soap stamp" and lo and behold, I found instructions to make your own soap stamp.

The instructions involved using two-part casting epoxy and I have been using some to make jewelry for a while. This seemed to be a little more solid, so I went to our local crafts store to get the type she mentioned.

I reassembled the stamp for one last imprint and made a "mold." Followed the instructions in the box and poured the stamp:
Here's a close up of the stamp still in the mold:
This will be ready to unmold in 24 hours and ready to try out in 72 hours... I'm pretty excited!

I'm sure I'll be posting the results soon.

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