Friday, March 1, 2013

Apples on a Lilac Tree

Spring is (about to be) sprung and for me, nothing says spring like the scent of lilacs!

We searched and searched for the perfect lilac fragrance to use in our soaps and when we found this one, we opened the bottle and it was as if we were walking past a row of lilacs, bursting with color and that lovely, lovely scent.

I have talked about how lilacs were our grandmother's favorite flower and purple was her color.  We really should have named this soap after her.

She was a teacher, but when she was young, she had originally trained to become a concert pianist.  Love intervened and she became a school teacher instead, but she still played.  When I was little, one of the things families did was to gather around the piano and sing songs....  Yes, it was a far cry from the things families do together today, but it was our idea of fun.

Yesterday, I had decided to blog about our lilac soap and as I was running an errand, a song we used to sing popped into my mind.  I could only remember the first verse and the very end.  I wracked my brain trying to remember the rest, but it just wouldn't come back to me.  When I got home, I searched the internet and was relieved to find the following:

The Lilac Tree 
A little boy and a little girl,
In an ecstacy of bliss,
Said the little boy to the little girl,
"Pray give me just one kiss."
The girl drew back in great surprise
"You're a stranger sir," said she,
"And I will give you just one kiss
When the apples grow on a lilac tree!'

The boy felt very sad at heart,
She was the only one;
The girl felt quite remorseful
At the terrible wrong she had done.
So bright and early on the very next morn,
He was quite surprised to see
His little sweetheart standing in the garden
Tying apples on a lilac tree.

George H. Gartlan
Apparently this was a popular song in the 40's...  I may have the sheet music tucked away somewhere in our basement - I remember it had an adorable illustration on the front.  I'll have to go searching.

Isn't it interesting how a scent can bring back something - sometimes a very special memory.

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