Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Equinox - Patchouli Rose

Long ago, in the ancient days of Compuserve, there were many forums.  On one forum, I saw a conversation that interested me.  A woman was being married on the spring equinox and wondered if there was a specific oil that would be appropriate for that day.  Someone answered her and said that a patchouli and rose blend would be the one she should wear.  

I never really checked it out, but it seemed like a really lovely idea, so I mixed up the combination.  We had been having trouble with the rose fragrance that we had been using fading too quickly in soap - and patchouli is known as a fixative oil, one with properties that make it, and anything it is mixed with "stick."

We made the soap and the fragrance of the rose was most prevalent with a tiny bit of "something" mysterious added.  

It is a beautiful shocking pink and have been selling it every since.  Always popular, but especially now on the Spring Equinox - our Patchouli/Rose.

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